Parkview Elementary School
Health Office
Our school nurse at Parkview is Noelle White.  

You may email her at with any questions or concerns about your child's health at school.  For your convenience, we have posted below many health related documents including permission forms and information regarding the flu, head lice, ticks, medications, when to keep your child home from school, etc...

Scroll down to find some updated information about the flu, whooping cough and head lice. Thank you, Mrs. White, for providing this helpful information to help keep our families healthy!


The School Nurse's role and responsibilities are directed at supporting the health, safety and well being of the population by addressing the physical, emotional and social needs of the school community. Supporting the belief that a state of optimal health of the individual maximizes their potential to learn, the school nurse incorporates a body of health care concepts and practices that promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle for the population.

Holiday Assistance Letter- Caring Tree
Holiday Assistance Letter-FORE

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Screenings that will occur during the school year

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Health and Wellness

  1. No medicines, (prescription or non-prescription) may ever accompany your student to school. The potential for the medicine being lost at school, or on the bus, is too great. This includes cough drops. Please contact Mrs. White if your child does require medication that complies with EPS policy to discuss administration. Cough drops may be brought to school by the parent/guardian and kept in the Health office with written parental instructions of how/when they will be given. (per EPS policy) Medicine is only given with physician’s orders. Please see complete policy in link below.

    *Whenever possible, medications should be administered at home. The school nurse should be contacted before medication is brought to school and only adults may deliver medication to the school. (Please note antibiotics ordered 3 times a day WILL NOT be given in school.

    *Student Medication Policy and Forms are available for download (DOC)
  2. Please share any pertinent medical information with the School Nurse. Any information is kept confidential.
  3. The School Nurses in Easton work with Saint Vincent DePaul and F.O.R.E (For Our Easton Residents) in supplying families in need with help during the holidays. If you would like help, or know of anyone who needs assistance during the holiday time of year, please contact Mrs. Graff. Again everything is kept confidential. 
  4. Health office hours are 8:30 AM- 3: 30 PM. Mrs. White would be happy to speak to parents at any time and may be reached at (508) 230- 3230. It would be better to call before 11AM or after 1PM for a lengthy discussion. She can also be reached via email throughout the day. Information requiring immediate attention should be called in.
  5. Please let Mrs.White know if your child has a communicable illness such as strep, flu, head lice or conjunctivitis ASAP for tracking purposes.

    *Surveillance and monitoring of communicable disease outbreaks in collaboration with the Easton Board of Health and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health is strictly monitored.

    *Do not send your child to school if he/she has any of the following conditions: Fever, Persistent Cough-Wheezing, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Weakness-Shakiness, Untreated Conjunctivitis or Strep Throat, or Suspected Chicken Pox. Students with Fevers (100 Degrees) should not be in school until they are fever free for 24 hours WITHOUT the aid of fever reducing medications like Tylenol/Advil.
  6. Children with communicable diseases such as strep throat and conjunctivitis must stay home until they have finished a full 24 hour treatment of antibiotics, and should feel well enough to complete a full day of school. 
  7. In accordance with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health regulations, all 1st graders will be screened for height and weight. A notification will be sent home informing you of the dates. The notification will serve as your opportunity to request, in writing, that your child not participate in the screening. 
  8. Vision and hearing screenings will be done on all first and second grade students in the fall. Kindergarten students who were not at Kindergarten Screening last June will have a hearing screening. All kindergarten students should have had a vision screening done at their 5 year old physical exam. 
  9. A note is required for all absences. For absences grater than 5 days, a Physician’s note is required before the child can return to class.
  10. Please routinely screen your child for head lice/nits. Report any infestations to Mrs. White. She will be happy to screen your child’s head with you if you have suspicious findings.

Thank you for your co-operation in these matters.

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