Parkview Elementary School

You can easily support Parkview through your everyday activities, simply by being aware of the following programs. From the places you shop to the products you buy, there are many ways to contribute.  These programs take little time and effort, but can make a big difference in your child’s education!

Box Tops for Education
Scan your receipts and clip the pink box tops from hundreds of General Mills products and send them into school with your child.  Each box top is worth ten cents.  Amazingly, just by clipping box tops, Parkview has raised thousands of dollars over the years on Box Tops alone!  They really do add up!  The box tops for education website is a great resource with more opportunities to earn money for school through promotions as well as their box top marketplace. When shopping online, start from the box top marketplace and Parkview will earn ebox tops.  Take a minute to check it out!

Direct Giving Campaign
Start off our year of KINDNESS by making a donation to the Parkview PTA! If we can raise $5,000 through this campaign, the students will earn the Principal's Challenge! Will Mr. C. be made into a human sundae, splash down in a dunk tank, be sprayed with silly string, or something even crazier!! Click here for the form.