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Welcome Letters and Supply Lists

Welcome Letters and Supply Lists

 If your child's teacher has not provided a supply list specific to their classroom, please use the Grade Level list to plan for the upcoming year. 

Grade 3  
Mrs. Lewis Welcome Letter Mrs. Beloff Welcome Letter
Mrs. Warfield Welcome Letter Mrs. Beloff Supply List
Ms. Yee Welcome Letter
Mrs. Fine Welcome Letter
Mr. Harrington's Welcome Letter  
Grade 3 Supply List  
Grade 4
Mrs. Cunha & Mrs. Luke    Mrs. Caulkins
Ms. Kerner and Mrs. Murphy     Mrs. Solitro
Ms. Kerner Welcome Letter    Mrs. Bowers and Mrs. Lolonga
Mrs. Pastore & Mrs. St. Martin     Mrs. Deehan
Grade 5  
Mrs. Prisco and Mrs. Chase  
Grade 5 Supply List