Oliver Ames High School
Adjustment Counselors

Lisa St. Mary
Ext. 1484
Pam Healy
Ext. 1408

As the School Adjustment Counselors, Lisa and Pam provide therapeutic intervention for students across regular education and special education programs. Lisa and Pam are Licensed Clinical Social Workers with backgrounds in working with adolescents in therapeutic and residential school settings. At Oliver Ames, students receive adjustment counseling services if their social and/or emotional difficulties are significant enough to directly impact their ability to function in the school environment. 

Students may see Lisa or Pam by appointment, or seek them out as needed in a psychological crisis. Services include consultation with parents, teachers and other faculty, as well as mental health providers working with the adolescent outside of school. The main goal is always to help students learn how to cope with their difficult emotions in order to be the best students they can be. Some examples of things that students might work on with Lisa and Pam are: frustration about the learning process, social conflicts, grief and loss, family stressors, and managing the symptoms of anxiety and depression in school.