Moreau Hall Elementary School
Grade Two
Our Grade Two Teachers
Mrs. Casey Rogers
Mrs. Stephanie Sanpietro
Mrs. Cathy Widdop

Second grade is an exciting year for students at Moreau Hall!

Reading consists of a balanced program that includes guided reading, read aloud, literature based activities, poetry, and reader’s theater. The Reading Street program and many other supplemental materials are used. Children continue to practice and develop strategies and skills to improve comprehension and fluency. Students practice writing in a variety of forms. They write descriptions, personal narratives, expository pieces, friendly letters, poetry, and stories. To help organize ideas, graphic organizers are used. Editing and revision skills are practiced.

In second grade, students become more accountable for conventional spelling. They study a phonics spelling pattern each week as part of the Reading Street program. In addition, the students work to master the second grade S.M.A.R.T. Words.

Students continue to participate in the Bridges Mathematics Program. This curriculum emphasizes conceptual understanding while building a mastery of basic skills. Content presented includes number sense, operations and computation, data and graphing, geometry, and measurement (including time and money). 

Science topics include habitats, animal adaptations, states of matter, weather, and health. Skills such as brainstorming, problem solving, observing, hypothesizing, researching and organizing information are developed.

Social Studies topics include map skills and basic geography. Through the study of immigration, students learn more about America and its people.

Lastly, the Social Competency program reinforces appropriate social skills and behaviors.

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