Moreau Hall Elementary School
Grade One
Our Grade One Teachers
Mrs. Cindy Arnold
Mrs. Cori Clinton
Ms. Rebecca Reilly

Welcome to first grade! Building upon the social skills learned in kindergarten, first graders have increased responsibilities in terms of independent work, listening skills and following directions. A major part of first grade is learning to read. Reading Street books and appropriate trade books are used. Students are taught reading strategies and word attack skills. A formal phonics program is utilized to support reading and writing.  The writing skills begun in kindergarten are further developed through the use of journals and creative writing. Emphasis is put on developing good sentence structure with some conventional spelling and correct mechanics (capitalization, punctuation). Students in first grade continue in the Bridges Math Program. Focus is on number sense (including addition and subtraction), time and money, measurement, and problem solving.

Science units are Living Things, the Earth and the Sun, Properties of Matter, and Health. In Social Studies, students learn about major American historical events, figures and symbols. Scholastic News, map skills workbooks and a variety of literature are used to support the Social Studies curriculum. Social Competency continues to be used to enhance social skills.

Some activities, which support the curriculum, that first graders will engage in during the school year include raising Monarch butterflies, enjoying a Thanksgiving feast, celebrating winter holidays, having a Teddy Bear picnic, hatching quails, and traveling to Roger Williams Zoo in Rhode Island at the end of the year!

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