Center School
School Council

About Our School Council

In accordance with the Educational Reform Act of 1993, Center School has an established school council. The Center School Council consists of parents, teachers, a community member, and the principal. The Center School Council sets yearly goals for the school, identifies needs of the students attending the school, reviews the annual budget, and formulates the school improvement plan. Working with the principal, members of the council ensure that the focus of the annual school improvement plan reflects the vision of both the Easton Public Schools and the Center School and that it is in alignment with the Easton Public Schools Strategic Planning Goals.

Our Goals

Center School Council worked in collaboration with the Moreau Hall and Parkview School Councils to develop a shared School Improvement Plan for the early elementary schools of Easton.  Our 3 schools will continue to work together to ensure every PK–2 student in the Easton Public Schools enjoys a consistent, calibrated educational experience.

2021 - 2022 School Improvement Plan

We value your input on all facets of life at Center School and invite you to share information about Center School’s strengths and to suggest ways in which we can improve.  

Council Members:
Ann Weintrob, principal, co- chair
Sara McLaughlin, teacher
Elsa Menezes, community representative, North Easton Saving Bank