Technology FAQ
How can I protect my computers at home?
We recommend using a free antivirus such as Forticlient, Avast!, or AVG Free. Forticlient and Avast work on both Mac and PC. EPS has recently moved to Avast! free for education for both our OS X (Mac) and Windows environments.

Myth - Macs don't get viruses
Fact - They do!

Myth - Expensive cables are better
Fact - you can get great cables for drastically lower prices, try or even amazon instead of your local big box store.

Additionally, the technology department recommends Google Chrome along with the extension AdBlock. This will greatly reduce the amount of ads you're exposed to, and Chrome automatically stays up-to-date.

How can I filter the internet safely for my child at home?
Forticlient when installed comes with web filtering that can be enabled on the computer (Mac or PC) for free. It is the 'Web Security' option, here you will have settings to fine tune what should and should not be allowed through.
Google Chrome also comes with the ability to activate 'Safe Search' for families that want more 'PG' search results.

How can I speed up my home computer?
For Windows CCleaner is a great way to periodically clean up your computer. For Macs OnyX will perform the same cleaning tasks. One common myth is that your computer slows down due to too many pictures and music. You actually will be OK until your hard drive reaches about 90-95% capacity. At that point your computer will start to act up.

What does the school do with the old computers?
When a computer has retired due to failure or old age, we store it and keep the parts on hand for repairs. By striving to keep as many identical models in our computer fleet as possible, we ensure the parts are compatible.