PCB's in Fluorescent Light Ballasts


Updated EPA guidance on PCBs in fluorescent light ballasts (FLBs) for school administrators and maintenance personnel is now available on the EPA website. The revised guidance provides additional detail on the suggested procedures for how to properly identify, handle and dispose of leaking and non-leaking PCB-containing FLBs. 

The guidance also provides:
  • an update to the chart explaining how to identify and handle PCB-containing FLBs
  • new pictures of FLBs that show a side-by-side comparison of PCB-containing and non-PCB-containing FLBs
  • an example from HUD on representative sampling (surveying)
  • links to the applicable PCB regulations, and information and links to external resources on the energy cost savings associated with retrofitting PCB-containing FLBs, among other things.

Guidance is available at:  EPA Hazardous Waste