EPS Preschool
REGISTRATION for 2019-2020 School Year

Thank you all for your interest in the Preschool Program at Easton Public Schools for the 2019-2020 school year. I'm excited to say we will be opening enrollment on Monday February 4th at 9:15am. Decisions are just about finalized for sessions and times so the application will be available the morning of Monday, February 4th. It will be found our website at the following link: EPS Preschool WebsitePlease remember, it is a first come, first serve basis and current students are placed before any new students are placed so classes fill up quickly. 
The application lists all the available sessions for next year with times and days. Please note there are some changes in terms of times/days from this past year so look closely. When you fill out the application, please indicate your top three choices (as often your first choice may be full). Return the application either via email to myself (at the email address below) or in person at Parkview Elementary School at the front desk. If you hand it in in person, please make sure the school secretary dates AND time stamps your application so students can be placed in the order they are returned. 
We will begin placing students in classrooms according to availability as each application is received. A letter will be emailed to you by February 15th regarding what class your child has been placed in and/or any wait lists they have been put on. For students accepted into the program, there will be a registration day in early March at their new school when you will drop off all required paperwork. In addition, a $100 deposit will be due that day to continue holding your spot for the fall. More information on exact dates and how to do this as well as payment schedules/deposits will be sent with their acceptance letter.
Just a reminder:  Your child must meet the following requirements (1) be age 3 by August 31, 2019, (2) be an Easton resident, and (3) be completely toilet trained prior to starting school to qualify for this preschool. 
Any questions or concerns please contact me at kmoroso@easton.k12.ma.us or 508-230-3230. Looking forward to working with your families.

Kelly Moroso
Early Childhood Coordinator


By law 
(Mass General Laws 76:15), your child will not be able to begin school until we have all these forms. 


Hepatitis B                     3 doses

DtaP/DTP/DT/TD         4 doses

Polio                              3 doses

Hib                                 1 - 4 doses

MMR                              1 dose Measles
                                        1 dose Mumps
                                        1 dose Rubella

Varicella                          1 dose

Lead Screening                1 date

  • If child is given partial or no doses by M.D. we need a signed statement by the doctor
  • Birthdate (BD) is NOT acceptable. Actual dates of the shots must be written.