EPS Preschool
Marie McInnis' Classroom

  Hello everyone and welcome to preschool!  We have had a lovely start to our school year.  All of the children have worked very hard to learn the routines and expectations of school.   In the beginning, we focus on the foundation needed to grow.  The children are learning lots of new names and faces, many new routines which emphasize their independence, how to use school materials, how to walk quietly and in a line, and how to listen quietly and wait our turn during circle time.  These skills and more will be ongoing throughout the year.
  This month we will be learning through the theme of Fall.  We will use thematic vocabulary which correlates to what is going on in their life and what they see around them in their world.  We will sing Fall songs and play Fall games.  There of course will be lots of talk of Halloween and Pumpkins!
  Children who are new to preschool will be learning to trace their name in uppercase letters.  The grasp we use is called "alligator chompers"  and our non-writing hand is our "helper hand" used to hold the paper.  Children who are working on beginner cutting skills will be given the verbal prompt of "thumbs up" and guidance to have their thumb in the smaller scissor hole and they learn to hold and snip.  
  I hope the daily sheets give you enough information to start conversations with your child about their school day and that they give you an idea of what skills we have worked on that day.  Please always feel free to contact me with any thoughts or questions.