EPS Preschool
Erica Sade's Classroom

Welcome to Miss Erica's, Miss Stacey's, and Miss Gina's Classroom


We will be implementing a Voice Level Program in the classroom.  This will teach all of the children what "voice" to use at circle, centers,  snack, quiet corner, walking in the hallway, and outdoors.  The voice level goes from O (no voice) to 5 (outside voice). 


Mathematics - Math practice is incorporated throughout your preschooler's day. We use the Everyday Math Pre-K curriculum to help guide us.  We are counting during our Question of the Day, calendar, and center activities.  The estimation jar is always filled with something that goes with our theme. 

Bucket Filler-  We have introduced the social skills program Bucket Fillers.  Our principal announces our bucket fillers once a week over the morning announcements. We are excited to hear our names and our recent bucket fillers in the classroom.

The Incredible Flexible You - A Social Thinking Curriculum for the Preschool - I introduced our curriculum by readingThinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings.  We learned about our brain and our heart and the roles these both play in making smart choices throughout our day.  We also learned about a thought bubble which provides a visual to help to reinforce our thoughts.  There is one hanging over our attendance board which says, "Who is in our group today?"  Your children are understanding the concept of how it is really important to work as a group.  We talked about the feelings of happy, sad, angry, and scared.

A sampling of letter of the week activities................. We are learning about the lines and curves that help us write letters: big lines, little lines, big curves, and little curves.  This comes from our Handwriting Without Tears program.

We started using our interactive white board this week to reinforce letter activities and to practice writing the letter of the week.  Everyone gets a turn to practice writing the letter.