Parkview Elementary School
Here are the members of the 2017-2018 Parkview School Council:

John Giuggio, Interim Principal, Chair
Nancy Kamieniecki, Learning Specialist
Samantha Izzo, Kindergarten Teacher
Melissa Cordeira, Kindergarten Teacher
Lisa Resca, First Grade Teacher
Nikki David, Parent
Stephanie Patton, Parent
Kellie Morton, Community Representative

Our school council has worked collaboratively with the school councils at Moreau Hall and Center Schools to create a shared PreK-2 School Improvement Plan. This plan reflects the goals and action steps of our Easton Public Schools Strategic Plan and builds more consistency in direction and goals across our district. Here is the plan that details our priorities and initiatives for 2017-2018:

2017-2018 PreK-2 Shared School Improvement Plan

Our Parkview School Council will meet the following dates and times to work together on our shared goals and action steps:


School Council minutes of 1/3/18

School Council minutes of May, 2018