Parkview Elementary School
Parkview PTA

Because of the collective efforts of parents and teachers on our Parkview PTA....

Parkview's Outdoor Classroom   
We have an outdoor classroom for all of our students.

Second graders at Natural History Museum 
We send our students on multiple field trips per year.

pmc kids bike ride 
We plan events that teach our students empathy.

trunk or treat
We build our community with fun, family-friendly events

laptops to enhance learning
We purchase technology to enhance our student learning experience

front lobby display 
We make our school more attractive and engaging for our students.

..... We remodeled our library, we now have SIX IPads for each classroom, we have an online reading library for each student to access at home and at school, we provide our teachers with generous stipends for classroom supplies, we make our school a welcoming place for families.... The Parkview PTA plays a major role in taking our school from good to great. 

Whatever your work/family schedule, there are always ways to pitch in. When your child sees you taking an active role in his/her school, it sends a clear message that school matters. It takes a village. 

You are always welcome to attend a PTA member and to join at any time. It is $10 for the year to join. Have a voice in your child's school experience. Here is the list of our OUTSTANDING PTA Leaders and how to contact them with more information or to become more involved in giving our kids the best school possible. 

April, 2018 PTA Minutes

September, 2018 PTA Minutes

November, 2018 PTA Minutes

January, 2019 PTA Minutes

February 2019 PTA Minutes

March 2019 PTA Minutes
2018-2019 Parkview PTA Leadership Board:

CONTACT our PTA through this email:

Melissa Leahy, Chair                    

Caitlin Haynes, Co-Vice Chair

Ashley Pavlovich, Co-Vice Chair

Rachel Kelley, Co-Secretary

Tracy Mason, Co-Secretary                                                                     

Treasurer:   Jodi Bryant      

Enrichment Coordinator:   Nicole Colgrove

Green Team Leader:   Meredith Bonny    

Faculty Representative:       Barbara Wallace