Richardson Olmsted
Welcome Letters and Supply Lists 2018 - 2019

Click the links below for welcome letters and supply lists from our classroom teachers. 

Grade 3  
 Mrs. Athanasiou    Ms. Egizio
 Mrs. Gay   Mrs. Cormier
 Mr. Harrington   Mrs. Lewis
 Mrs. Louko   Mrs. Fine & Mrs. Presentato (welcome letter & supply list)
 Mrs. Bowers   Mrs. Skehan
 Mrs. Stern   
Grade 4  
Mrs. Cunha & Mrs. Luke  Mrs. Caulkins & Mrs. Deehan (welcome letter & scavenger hunt)
Ms. Kerner (welcome letter & supply list  Mrs. Lolonga and Mrs. Brodeur (welcome letter)
Mrs. Murphy (welcome letter & supply list)   Ms. Hall & Mrs. McParland (welcome letter & supply list)
Mrs. Pastore & Mrs. St. Martin   
Grade 5  
Mrs. Almonte & Mrs. Schwarz   Mrs. Chase
Mrs. Maffeo   Mrs. Soccorso
Mrs. Johnson   Mrs. Davidner
Mrs. Markell   Mrs. Prisco
Mrs. Segill   Mr. Chase & Mrs. Dorment