Oliver Ames High School
Mary Shreve Ames Frothingham
Inducted 2011

This woman did it all for the Town of Easton, and for Oliver Ames High School athletics, and then some - giving, organizing, and trumpeting causes in the community and for OA. To put things in perspective, there would have been no Frothingham Memorial Park without Mary Shreve Ames Frothingham. Frothingham Park was and is central to the upbringing, fond and happy memories, and emotional and physical growth of countless Eastonians. In 1916, Ms. Ames, who was already distinguished for her extraordinary public service, married a man who himself had an impressive and commendable background in service: Louis Adams Frothingham, a former captain of the Harvard University baseball team, former speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, former lieutenant governor of Massachusetts, and U.S. Marine who served in the Spanish-American War. In the early 1920s, Ms. Ames Frothingham financed and attended to the upgrading - which included the installation of lockers and showers - of the Anna C. Ames Gymnasium on Barrows Street. Louis A. Frothingham died in 1928. Soon after his death, Ms. Ames Frothingham resolved to create a living memorial to her husband. Ms.Ames Frothingham financed and oversaw the planning and building of, and put in place the organization that would run, this memorial. On Sept. 27, 1930, Frothingham A. Memorial Park was dedicated. For more than 80 years, the park has been a treasure and sanctuary and place of recreation and competitive sports for the people of Easton.