Oliver Ames High School
Principal's Welcome - Mr. Paul
Dear Students, Parents/Guardians, Alumni and Friends of Oliver Ames High School,

On behalf of the faculty, staff and administration of Oliver Ames High School, I extend to you a sincere welcome to our school as presented through our Website. Our hope is that this virtual tour will convey to you the exciting, enriching and successful curriculum we offer the students of Easton.

Each new school year we find ourselves at a different point in our journey through life and for many of us, the start of school is an opportunity to begin fresh with a renewed commitment to improve ourselves. We desire that each student find success in all that they do and our top priority is to make the learning experience at Oliver Ames High School exceptional. Oliver Ames High School has an outstanding faculty and supporting staff that are dedicated to helping each student grow academically and socially. The success each student achieves depends on the effort they expend and the decisions they make. Ultimately they are responsible for their own accomplishments at Oliver Ames High School and we are responsible to assist each student in this endeavor. I urge every student to use his or her time wisely, discovering that which will best prepare you for a rewarding future.

In conclusion, I encourage every student to get involved in the activities of our school. Don't sit back and watch, but rather get out and participate in the rich and varied co-curricular activities available to you at Oliver Ames High School. These activities will add immeasurably to your personal development, enrich your days at Oliver Ames High School, and further prepare you for future endeavors. Oliver Ames High School will always give you its very best and we expect in return only the very best effort from you. Your high school years should be ones in which you grow intellectually, mature socially, develop and refine co-curricular skills, and in general, prepare yourself for life-long learning and active participation in future communities. Take pride in yourself, in your accomplishments, in our school and in our town. Make this your best year ever!

Wesley H. Paul