Oliver Ames High School
Oliver Ames Hall of Fame

First introduced in 2003, the Athletic Hall of Fame proudly honors the athletes, coaches, directors and leaders of the Oliver Ames High School athletic community. The Hall of Fame is the direct result of the perseverance and dedication of it's founding members who include:
  • Edward Lemish
  • Robert Clary
  • James Elson
  • Gilbert Heino
  • Marion Dukeman Houser
  • Kerry McLaughlin Bourne
  • Ross Muscato
Many thanks to all of these individuals for their initiative in pursuing this important undertaking.

Our Mission
The mission of the Oliver Ames High School Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor and perpetuate the memory of all former Oliver Ames High School athletes, teams, coaches, and citizens whose achievements and involvement have distinguished themselves, Oliver Ames High School and the Town of Easton; to forge a lasting bond among past, present and future generations of Oliver Ames athletes; to inspire present and future student-athletes to strive for excellence and distinction in all their athletic and non-athletic endeavors through individual effort, team work, determination and dedication; and to sustain the tradition of excellence that has long defined Oliver Ames athletics. 

Our Goals
To work together, with the Hall of Fame Committee, for the continuation and continuity of the high standards as they pertain to the Hall selection process. We will assist the Athletic Department upon their request to the best of our abilities. We will raise funds to conduct social activities that are of interest to the Hall of Fame. We will support the Oliver Ames High School Mission Statement that "...recognizes the need at OAHS for a variety of learning experiences. Some that extend beyond the classroom, promoting individual responsibility, respectful interaction, while achieving goals and overcoming adversity in order that students may reach their full potential."