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Oliver Ames High School

Home of the Tigers

Updated MCAS Notice to Parents


April 28, 2021


DESE recently made a change to the requirements for Grade 11 students taking the MCAS and have eliminated the Competency Determination Requirement tied to the MCAS.  DESE has provided Grade 11 students who wish to try and qualify for the Abigail Adams Scholarship the opportunity to take the MCAS this spring or next fall.  We sent a survey out to current junior parents about this opportunity.  Only students whose parents have responded to the survey asking for their child to take the MCAS exam in May will have this opportunity.  


Reminder:  All remote learners who are taking the MCAS, need to be in person on the scheduled exam days starting at 7:55 a.m.   After completion of the exam, remote learners should return home to finish the rest of the school day.


The new schedule for MCAS is as follows.

Grade 10

May 5 & 6  - ELA 

May 26 & May 27 - Math


Grade 11 (Only Juniors who elected to take the exam)

May 24 & May 25 - ELA 

May 26 & May 27 - Math

April 26, 2021

Dear Parents & Guardians, 

If you have opted for your student to return to full time in person learning, you must remember to call the front office absence line if your child will not be coming to school. This would include absences for mild illnesses or injuries, missed busses, fatigue, oversleeping, etc. Days missed under these circumstances will be handled as absences similar to the way they have been handled before hybrid model during the pandemic. Please note that the above reasons are not acceptable reasons to attend school virtually. 


Grades 6-12: The option to attend school virtually exists for:

  1. COVID 19 related quarantines and isolations: Positive cases, close personal contacts, travel quarantine, absences due to Covid 19- like symptoms which require a negative test result to return to school.
  2. Medical illnesses of a long standing nature with medical documentation reviewed and  approved by the school nurse. Examples: Mononucleosis, Crohn's exacerbations, hospitalizations.
  3. Significant emotional and mental health issues identified as requiring virtual learning by our counselors and school psychologists. 
  4. Major injuries requiring wheelchairs, fixators, surgery with medical documentation reviewed and  approved of by the school nurse.  
  5. Students who have opted to be fully remote. 

We are excited about the opportunity we have been provided to return to full time in person teaching and learning. We see the enormous benefit of bringing our students together and these next few weeks will be excellent preparation for our return to school in the fall. Like any beginning, there are sure to be some hiccups, but at the same time we have worked hard to plan for as much as we can in anticipation of the many challenges this return to full time in person teaching and learning will bring. This return to full time in person learning is a time for us to increase our expectations that students understand the responsibilities to be fully engaged in learning, attend school everyday, and be on time with assignments and meeting teachers expectations at the levels we had prior to this pandemic. Without a movement toward accountability, we could be remiss in our jobs of preparing our students for a productive future. We have worked hard to provide an excellent education during this extremely challenging time in history.  We now need to return to the way school operated in the past, and we ask that you help us by holding your children to the expectations we have set.    

OA Online Clothing Store Information 

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MCAS 2021 Parent Letter regarding the MCAS administration

March 22, 2021   

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

We are excited to announce that we will return to our full day of in-person teaching and learning at OAHS beginning on Monday, April 26th.  All students will follow the bell schedule with 7 blocks and Advisory meeting each day.  

Only students who have chosen to remain fully remote, students who have opted to go from hybrid to fully remote, Junior and Senior students who traveled out of state during April vacation for College visits, or students who are quarantining after a close contact or diagnosis of Covid will be able to access remote learning.  Other absences will be regarded as traditional absences and fully remote opportunities will not exist.   

We will operate with 3 ft. minimum distancing in all classes except in some music classes where the distance between students in chorus and band need to be at 10 ft.  PPE for instruments will continue to be used/available to students at no cost so that we continue to exceed state safety guidelines.

Lunches will be in three locations (cafeteria, practice gym, Dalrymple Auditorium) served in a grab and go format like we have been doing this year.  The reason for the three lunch locations is to maintain 6 ft of distance between each student as they eat.  

We will continue with the same one way stairwells and hallways to support healthy distancing in our movements during the school day.  Students will be required to wear masks at all times except during lunch and teachers will continue to use desk washing practices after each class.   Mask breaks will be possible each day during Advisory.  

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to this major transition moving us that much closer to what we hope is a full return to normal in the near future.  You and your children have been remarkable in what you have had to endure.  We are close to the end of the year and I am looking forward to these changes bringing us closer together and providing more opportunities for social interaction.  


Wesley H. Paul


Wesley H. Paul, Principal

Thomas J. Flanagan, Assistant Principal

Catherine Queally, Assistant Principal

Oliver Ames High School
100 Lothrop Street
North Easton, MA 02356                     
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Oliver Ames High School Core Values

earn collaboratively
Express creativity
Act with integrity
Demonstrate responsibility
Embrace curiosity
Respect each other
Strive for excellence


Oliver Ames High School Mission Statement

The Oliver Ames High School community of faculty, staff, students, parents, and residents believe that in order to fulfill its mission of excellence and equity in education, we must embody the ideals of a comprehensive high school. We will work together to create a safe, nurturing, and stimulating learning environment. Students will become critical learners, problem solvers and independent thinkers who contribute in many ways to our ever changing world. We recognize the need for a variety of educational experiences that extend beyond the classroom and promote intellectual curiosity, individual responsibility and respectful interaction. By achieving goals and overcoming adversity, students will be encouraged to reach their potential and be prepared to assume meaningful roles in society.

Oliver Ames High School Academic Expectations

OA Students Will ACCESS Information in a Variety of Ways Including:

A.1 - Actively and critically reading, listening, and observing.
A.2 - Initiating appropriate questions.
A.3 - Conducting independent and collaborative research.
A.4 - Using appropriate technologies to locate and retrieve information.
A.5 - Demonstrating initiative while seeking information.

OA Students Will PROCESS Information in a Variety of Ways Including:

P.1 - Assimilating and organizing information.
P.2 - Recognizing patterns, evaluating trends, and comparisons.
P.3 - Drawing inferences and making conclusions.
P.4 - Quickly responding and adapting to unexpected challenges
P.5 - Creating and designing unique solutions to problems and challenges.
P.6 - Applying and adapting appropriate form and technique for performance tasks.

OA Students Will COMMUNICATE Information in a Variety of Ways Including:

C.1 - Doing, writing, and speaking clearly and purposely for a variety of audiences.
C.2 - Presenting creative projects in a variety of formats.
C.3 - Using technology to present information.
C.4 - Demonstrating leadership while promoting individual and collaborative activities.

OA Students Will DEVELOP Themselves in a Variety of Ways Including:

D.1 - Demonstrating a sense of curiosity by considering alternative perspectives.
D.2 - Gaining a better understanding of their learning process through consistent self-reflection

Oliver Ames High School Social/Civic Expectations for Learning

OA Students Will ACT RESPONSIBLY for Themselves and Others in a Variety of Ways Including:

SC.1 - Working cooperatively and collaboratively.
SC.2 - Respecting and understanding cultural differences.
SC.3 - Participating with a local/global perspective.

OA Students Will ACT RESPECTFULLY to Themselves and Others in a Variety of Ways Including:

SC.4 - Interacting appropriately with all members of the school community.
SC.5 - Honoring school policies and procedures.
SC.6 - Understanding and demonstrating academic integrity.