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Oliver Ames School Counseling

The School Counseling Department provides a variety of services in three areas: personal/social, career/college and academic counseling. Within these three broad areas are nine specific services: guidance seminars, counseling, teacher consultation, resource coordination, information delivery, parent education/consultation, placement, evaluation/planning and records/testing. While students are the primary focus of these activities, counselors also work closely with parents, teachers and administrators.

Counselors spend the majority of their time working directly with students. Through individual counseling and guidance seminars, counselors address the developmental needs of students and provide crisis intervention. They are also in frequent communication with faculty, staff and parents in order to coordinate services and provide an optimum school experience for all students.

Counselors work closely with the Special Education Department, serving as referral agents and as members of evaluation teams. Counselors coordinate the 504 process and monitor the implementation of the plans. They also meet regularly with the Instructional Support Teams that are composed of the principal, assistant principals, school psychologists and adjustment counselors to share information and develop strategies to meet the specific needs of individual students.

Any student who wishes to meet with his/her counselor individually should make an appointment in advance. In emergencies, however, a student should feel free to come in to see his/her counselor without advance notice. If the counselor is not available, the student should schedule an appointment or leave a note. Parents are encouraged to use the school counseling services, calling (508-230-3210, ext. 1420) with questions or requesting a conference when appropriate.


Mrs. Susan Mancuso
Director of School Counseling    

Mrs. Angela Carney
School Counselor
Mr. Daniel Fitzgerald
School Counselor

Mrs. Colleen Lutkevich
School Counselor 

Mrs. Beverly Nicholson
School Counselor

Mrs. Beckie Smock
School Counseling Secretary

OA School Counseling Mission StatementThe Oliver Ames High School Counseling program supports this high school’s mission of excellence and equity in education. The School Counseling Department will assist students in selecting a challenging academic program which will enable him/her to experience success in making post-secondary plans and decisions. Further, the department is committed to helping each student feel safe and supported in an environment that is challenging and positive.

OA School Counseling Vision StatementAs a result of participating in the school counseling program at Oliver Ames High School, all students will acquire attitudes, skills, and knowledge as a result of their involvement in the following developmental areas:
Academic: All students will develop a flexible academic plan which includes course selections and complements the students’ learning styles and career plans. Students will have a sound knowledge of post secondary options and will understand the relationship between their academic planning and career preparation. 

Career: All students will have knowledge of their personal strengths and interests and an awareness of the world of work. Students will see the connection among course selection, school achievement and potential careers. 

Personal/Social: All students will develop age-appropriate personal/social skills and qualities that foster a positive work ethic and healthy relationships. Students will be able to work well in groups, resolve conflicts, set goals and develop consensus-building and decision-making skills.

Counselor Caseloads   


Class of 2020

Class of 2021

Class of 2022

Class of 2023

Mr. Daniel Fitzgerald    

A - DeFeo

A - Davenport



Mrs. Angela Carney

DelRosario - Hoffman





Mrs. Beverly Nicholson

Hogan - Melnick




Mrs. Colleen Lutkevich

Meyers - Sarro

Monterio - Sedman




Mrs. Susan Mancuso

Sato - Z




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