Oliver Ames High School
Kristyn Shea, Department Head
Twitter: @PaperMsShea

Jilian Sapienza Hunt
Twitter: @ArtWithMrsSH

Art Club

2019 Scholastic Art and Writing Competition Winners
Bourne_C_Drawing and Illustration_Eruption
Bourne_C_Drawing and Illustration_Game Night
Ganshirt_C_Drawing and Illustration_Hopping
Ganshirt_C_Drawing and Illustration_Rotary Phone
Mekler_E_Drawing and Illustration_I'll Be The Dog
Mills_K_Drawing and Illustration_Sister Snowboard
Mills_K_Drawing and Illustration_Sticky
Needleman_R_Drawing and Illustration_Mismatched Madness
Gangi_A_Drawing and Illustration_Stop and Listen
Aviles_J_Drawing and Illustration_Timeless
Cora_A_Drawing and Illustration_Succulent
Cummings_C_Drawing and Illustration_English Breakfast
Mekler_E_Drawing and Illustration_Game Day
Uhlar_L_Drawing and Illustration_Tight Knit