Oliver Ames High School
Clubs and Organizations
Amnesty International
Advisor: Matt Auger
Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights for all. The group learns about injustices all over the world, most notably the genocide in Darfur. It attempts to rectify these situations through fundraising, letter writing, and increasing awareness.

Architectural / Engineering Society
Advisor: Jim Sullivan
The Architectural and Engineering Society is a student-run group created to allow the students of the Architecture and Engineering classes to foster an appreciation of these and related disciplines. The club plans field trips and events so that students can explore current trends in these fields. OAAES Meets 2 times a month 2nd and 4th Tuesdays but is flexible about meeting times and dates.

Art Club
Advisor: Kristyn Shea
The Art Club consists of students from grades 9-12. This club is a mural painting club. Members are dedicated to promoting artistic murals throughout the school. Student artists are expected to commit to long hours all year to the mural paintings. The Art Club also hosts the annual Art Show each year, through hosting members are able to learn how to curate a show. Members who are not ready for mural painting also contribute to beautifying the school in various ways; by creating subject-themed hall passes, teacher name signs for their classrooms, coming up with new mural ideas and doing other various painting activities. At the end of each school year, we elect officers (President and Vice- President) for the upcoming school year. New Art Club members meet once a week. Seniors meet twice a week. *Requirement to paint on the wall: Must have taken Art 1

Best Buddies Program
Advisors: Barbara Ratcliffe, Mary Romans and Colleen Rose
Best Buddies is an international, nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. At Oliver Ames, students have the opportunity to become one-to-one peer buddies or associate members. In either role, members develop friendships with the buddies and help the buddies feel included in the high school environment. The chapter meets once a month after school to go over important information and plan events. Additionally, there are typically one or two chapter events/activities a month. The chapter brings together people of all abilities and backgrounds to establish new friendships and, most importantly, have fun!

Chamber Orchestra
Advisor: Michael Korn
The Oliver Ames High School Chamber Orchestra is based on the requirements for the High School Orchestra but necessitates a more advanced playing ability. This is an auditioned group that rehearses one night a week for an average of two hours. The Chamber Orchestra's main performance of the year is the Annual Easton Messiah Sing. They also perform at the Spring Scholarship Concert and Chamber Orchestra members play at community events throughout the year. A variety of string techniques and styles will be studied and played. Students who audition for the OA Chamber Orchestra must be independent learners who are very self-motivated. Students are strongly encouraged to study their instrument privately to promote individual growth. Students accepted into the Chamber Orchestra must be scheduled in the Orchestra Class.

Chess Club
Advisor: Bryan Hafferty
Chess Club is an after school group for anyone from beginners to advanced players interesting in learning and improving their abilities at chess. The group welcomes experts to novices to people who have never even played before. We have instructional sessions and practice matches as well as tournaments and other competitions throughout the year.

Class of 2018
Advisors: Bev Nicholson and Kate Walsh
The Class of 2018 Executive Board and class officers work together to ensure the social and financial success of the class. Throughout their four years at Oliver Ames High School, these dedicated students will strive to make sure high school is memorable for their classmates. By planning traditional events such as Hall Day, dances, fund raisers, proms, and pep rallies, this dynamic group will make its mark on the culture of Oliver Ames and leave a positive legacy. The class of 2018's motto: "Love the life you live. Live the life you love," epitomizes its optimistic attitude and upbeat demeanor. Executive Board meetings are held approximately twice a month. Dates and times of meetings are posted on the daily announcements. New members are always welcome.

Class of 2019
Advisors: Tara Bailey and Michelle Marro
The Class of 2019 Executive Board is a group of students that work closely with class officers to create a positive, spirited and successful environment throughout their four years here at OA. These students collaborate to plan events that strengthen their bond as a class including fundraisers, pep rallies and decorating their own hall during Hall Day. The Class of 2019 is an enthusiastic and committed group of students that will continue to make their four years at our school memorable, exciting, and most importantly, fun! All students are encouraged to participate and new members are always welcome. Meeting dates and times will be posted to announcements. The Class of 2019 is excited to continue making their high school experience one to remember!

Class of 2020
Advisors: Amelia McLaughlin and Stefania Hynes
The Class of 2020 Executive Board is sure to be a group of dedicated, goal-oriented students looking to create a positive and successful freshman year. These students will work together to facilitate a smooth transition into high school by continuing to foster camaraderie among the class. Following elections in September, members will vote on a class motto, as well as identify fundraising opportunities for the upcoming year. Additionally, the class has the privilege of planning two of the most exciting and enjoyable events freshman year: Hall Day and the Spring Dinner Dance. Meetings of the Executive Board will be held twice per month and are open to all students in the class of 2020. New membership is always welcomed and encouraged. We are looking forward to an outstanding and memorable year!

Class of 2021
Advisor: Christopher Carey & Christopher Koutros
Join the Class of 2021 Executive Board to create a memorable and successful freshman year! Members are dedicated and creative students who build class and school spirit. These students will work together with class officers to facilitate a smooth transition into high school by continuing to foster camaraderie among the class. Following elections in September, members will vote on a class motto, identify fundraising opportunities, and start planning events to bring the class together. Two exciting and important goals for freshman year are planning Hall Day and the Spring Dinner Dance. Meetings of the Executive Board will be held twice a month and are open to all students in the class of 2021. New members are always welcome. With your energy and enthusiasm, we will build an outstanding year together!

Close Up Program (Washington DC)
Advisor: Courtney Kenney
Washington D.C. Close UP allows students to travel to our nation's capital for six days, where they will: visit and have workshops at monuments and memorials, tour the Supreme Court, Senate, House and Library of Congress, have the option to earn credit from University of Virginia, meet with experts in media and government, and share the experience with classmates and other students from around the country. The participants in the DC Close Up trip will fundraise and meet at least 3 times before the trip.

Advisor: Susan Sweeney
DECA is a national organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. DECA provides co-curricular programs that integrate into classroom instruction, apply learning in the context of business, connect to business and the community, and promote competition. Student members leverage their DECA experience to become academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible, experienced leaders. DECA members embrace competence, innovation, integrity and teamwork. Oliver Ames DECA was established in 2007 and has continued to grow in membership each year. Students participate in competitive business events through role play case studies and paper submissions coupled with oral presentations. Students initially participate in a district conference. Successful performance at the district competition will offer students an opportunity to move to the next level of competition at the state conference. The ultimate goal is to achieve a spot at the annual International Career Development Conference. DECA Conferences bring members into the larger DECA community while providing unique opportunities to extend classroom learning.

Advisors: Michelle Marro and Maria Annunziato
The Envirothon Team is a group of students who are interested in learning more about the environment. Envirothon Team members prepare themselves to participate in a statewide competition held each May. The competition tests knowledge in five major environmental areas: Aquatics, forestry, wildlife, soils and general ecology. In addition, the Envirothon Team each year must complete a community project based on a different environmental topic.

Foods Club
Advisor: Marie Whalen
The OA Foods Club provides an opportunity for students to come together to share their love of cooking in a safe environment. Each month different topics are explored such as healthy meal planning, tastes from around the world and seasonal food recipes. Focus on making healthy food choices is reinforced. The Food Club meets once a month in room 121. Dates and times vary will be listed on the morning announcements.

French Club
Advisor: Patrick Sharkey
The French Club provides an environment for students to practice their speaking skills with their peers, as well s hosts gatherings throughout the year to expose students to French culture, customs and cuisine.

Future Educators of America
Advisors: Betti Almeida and Helen van Riel
The mission of this club at the local level is the exploration of teaching as a viable career option. Club activities may include elementary school family days (i.e. Parkview Fall Family Fun Day and STEAM Family Night), a teacher panel session, and a pen pal program with elementary students. New opportunities and ideas are always welcome! All of these activities help students explore elementary or secondary education and lead to community service hours and practical experience.

Gay Straight Alliance
Advisor: Sue Hadge
The Gay Straight Alliance is a group committed to providing the Oliver Ames High School community with: (1) a safe and relaxed environment for discussion and education about gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues, and (2) support for all LGBTQ students. People of all sexualities, gender identities, and viewpoints join together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and acceptance. All are welcome!

Green Team
Advisor: Joanne Coffman
The Green Team is dedicated to creating a more sustainable Oliver Ames. Green Team members manage the school's recycling program and work to raise awareness of important environmental issues. Members also attend conferences and serve on local committees in an effort to help foster positive environmental change.

Guitar Club
Advisor: Gordon O’Connell
Guitar Club was created in order to allow aspiring guitarists and their collaborators to have a fun, supportive environment to develop their playing skills. Other instrumentalists are encouraged to join to expand our ensemble playing opportunities. At different moments, violinists, electric bassists, upright bassists, drummers, and ukulele players have all found a place in the Guitar Club. Our emphasis is on music, ensemble playing, and fun in a non-competitive, supportive format. Guitarists and other instrumentalists at all levels are encouraged to participate. Guitar Club generally meets every other Wednesday. The schedule is posted on the door of Room 117.

Hockomock Senate
Advisor: Craig Goldberg
The Hockomock Model Senate began back in 1968. It was and still is the only academic competition within the Hockomock League. The schools that send delegates to this event include OA, Norton, Mansfield, North Attleboro, Foxboro and Taunton. Delegates create bills on whatever issue they want and present them in a two day simulation of the US Senate. At the full Hockomock Senate in April, students participate in two intensive days of debate, speech-making, and, of course, the inevitable art of compromise, all in the effort to pass our bills and the bills of other Hockomock students. Participants spend the first day on a committee and discuss and vote on the bills they believe should come out of that committee and be considered by the entire delegation the following day. On the second day the students use actual parliamentary procedure to debate the merits of the bills submitted.

Impact Through Christ Group
Advisors: Barbara Ratcliffe
The Impact Through Christ Club is a group of students who wish to know the meaning of life, why we live, and what are we living for. The club helps to seek and respond to these questions from a Christian perspective through group devotionals, prayer, music, food, and other forms of worship. ITC believes in establishing a personal faith, one that is not decided by one's parents or family but that is chosen by the participant. However, you do not need to be a Christian to join. ITC offers a perspective on the purpose and meaning of life that is open to anyone who is interested in understanding the Christian faith.

International Travel and Study
Advisor: Sue Hadge
The International Travel Study Program offers students the opportunity to travel abroad over the April school vacation. Students enrolled in this course will learn about the history, culture, economy and customs of the target country (or countries). The trip is included in the Program of Studies, and students receive two credits for their participation. All expenses for the trip are paid by the students and their families.

Jazz Ensemble
Advisor: Rob Wheeler
The Jazz Ensemble is open to students in grades 9-12 by audition. This group rehearses a minimum of one afternoon and one evening each week during the months of October through May. A variety of big band jazz, blues, and jazz-rock is studied and played in order to learn the various styles of this American art form. Students that are accepted into Jazz Ensemble must make every attempt to be scheduled in Band Class. (Exceptions are made for bass, guitar and piano players) Students that are accepted into the ensemble must take a regularly scheduled private lesson on the instrument they play. This ensemble performs a minimum of three jazz festivals per year.

Jimmy Fund Club
Advisors: Shannon Caruso & Lisa St. Mary
This club is to help fundraise toward research and to support families who are affected by pediatric cancer. We will organize a few events throughout the year to raise money to donate to the Jimmy Fund organization.

Latin Club
Advisor: Rebecca Gove
Salvete, omnes! The Latin Club, also known as the Dead Language League, is a club open to all students who are currently taking Latin or are interested in the Latin language. This is a social and academic club for those who are enthusiastic about Roman culture/ history/ language and are interested in sharing their enthusiasm with other like minded Latin Lovers. Activities include mythology trivia, exploring Roman culinary arts, hosting Roman dinner parties, and discussing Latin. Carpe diem!

Leo Club
Advisors: John McCaffrey
The Leo Club is sponsored by the Easton Lions Club. Leo is an acronym for Leadership, Experience and Opportunity. The club is completely community service based organization which promotes leadership and gives students a wide range of opportunities to help their community.

Marching Band
Advisor: Rob Wheeler
The Oliver Ames Marching Band is an award-winning competitive marching unit consisting of a Horn- line, Colorguard and Percussion Section all working together to form the Marching Band. The group rehearses a minimum of 12 hours per week and competes on the weekends from the end of September through November. Rehearsals begin in mid-August and the group performs in all town parades and civic functions. All are welcome and no experience is necessary. Students interested in participating are welcome to come to the spring open house rehearsals beginning in April.

Math Team
Advisors: Kerri Murphy and Bonnie Porter-Meglio
The Math Team participates in the Atlantic-Pacific Mathematics Competition, meeting once a month and working on 6 challenging math problems. The students submit their scores to see how they stand up to schools in our area and across the country. In addition, there are opportunities to volunteer to help students in the lower grades with Math skills during the year.

Advisor: Megan Campbell
Medium is the official literary magazine of Oliver Ames High School. Members collaborate to produce publications that showcase the writing, art, and photography of OA students and teachers. The 2017 edition is available on the English department website.

Mock Trial
Advisor: Brian Gotsell
Mock Trial is a rich curriculum that promotes the development of fundamental knowledge, sound judgment and critical thinking skills. In Mock Trial, students are placed in a simulated courtroom situation where they assume the roles of lawyers and witnesses in a hypothetical case.

Model United Nations Club
Advisor: Joe Abarr
Model United Nations (MUN) is a club comprised of any and all OA students interested in global affairs and international politics. We meet bi-weekly to discuss current events and issues facing the United Nations, including ISIS, nuclear technology, Israel/Palestine, climate change, and many more. Our goal is to create resolutions that would work to solve these issues, while still maintaining our countries’ interests. There will be opportunities to take part in local Model UN Conferences in the spring.

Multicultural Club
Advisor: Mala Sankaran
To create bridges between various people and cultures, to create a deeper understanding of ideals and lead to meaningful friendships. Multicultural Club is an organization designed to build global awareness and to reach out to the OA student body and into the community. The club strives to promote cultural awareness and understanding as well as to increase opportunities for education about the cultures of the countries around the world. We meet on a weekly basis and it is our goal to offer international and American students a place and a time to come together, and engage in topics such as poetry, food, dance, music, games, issues, cultures etc.

Musical Production
Advisor: Charlene Dalrymple
The OA Musical Production is presented in March of each school year. Auditions are held in December and are open to any student interested in any aspect of the production, including backstage work. The commitment runs from January to March, culminating in the production of a full-length "Broadway style" musical. Rehearsals are primarily two times per week, then increase significantly as the show date becomes closer. Everyone is welcome to audition.

National Honor Society
Advisors: Joan Holt and Sue Sweeney
The National Society is a service organization that recognizes high scholastic achievement, leadership, service, and outstanding character. The students in the society work on two different service projects and put on the Mr. Easton competition each year. NHS meets the first Tuesday of every month.

OA Drama
Advisor: Matthew Huberman
The Drama Club is your place for all things theatre! Students interested in acting, stage management, set design, costume design, backstage crew, publicity, etc., are encouraged to join. We also encourage new members and people who are new to acting to come to auditions and practices! Many members are also take their talents and become involved in the early spring musical production as well. The club produces one major play production at the end of the fall and continues in the spring with improv acting practices. Most rehearsals for productions and improv practices take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3pm-5pm. Members who are actively involved may attend a field trip at the end of the year to see a professional performance.

OA Kids For Wish Kids Club
Advisor: Marisa Sousa
This club is affiliated with the Make a Wish Foundation that provides students with the opportunity to engage in philanthropy and service activities to help grant wishes to children with life threatening medical conditions. This program encourages community service, leadership, volunteerism, and teamwork. The club typically meets on a monthly basis (except around planned fundraisers), and meeting times are established through our Google Classroom page.

OA Random Acts of Kindness
Advisors: Kerri Murphy and Shannon Caruso
This unique program provides the opportunity for students to create events and activities which promote kindness and compassion in our school and community. For example, we created High Five Fridays, added decals in the bathrooms for positive thinking, sponsored Pajama Day, created a Random Acts of Kindness secret gift card event, and hung kindness sayings in hearts all over the school. Join us! Our members love to spread positivity and kindness at our school.

Robotics Club
Advisor: John McCaffrey
The Iron Tigers Robotics Team is a student-run team that competes in the FIRST Robotics Competition. In a six-week time frame, the team must work together to design, program, fabricate, and test a 120-lb robot, from scratch. The team welcomes not only students interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), but also those interested in marketing and media. During the build season the team maintains a social media presence, and markets the robot and competition to companies in order to gain sponsors. The Iron Tigers then compete with the robot at the local, regional, and national levels. Previous competitions have ranged from sports games, to capture the flag like competitions, to environmentally themed challenges.

Rugby Football Club
Advisor: Alex Schervish
The Oliver Ames Rugby Football Club was founded in March of 2015 with a focus on teaching new players the rules, strategies, and values in the game of rugby. The club ended its season with 22 registered members and a record of 1-2. The team travelled to Marshfield and hosted Hanover during the course of the season, and branched out throughout the rugby community in Massachusetts to gain support for the program. The team has been involved with multiple 2017 fundraisers in order to be a self-sustaining program during the coming spring seasons. Although the season ended with a limited number of players, the team looks forward to a busy and successful 2018 campaign. There are currently three assistant coaches, two of which have played for the Bermuda and United States national squads. We look forward to a great 2018 school year, and we can’t wait to keep the tradition alive!

School on Wheels
Advisor: Marisa Sousa
School on Wheels provides educational support services for students who are experiencing homelessness. Students at Oliver Ames coordinate school supply collections and fundraisers to assist the mission of Massachusetts School on Wheels. School on Wheels meets on an as needed basis. We do not have a set day but we do post our meetings through the daily announcements as well as our google classroom page.

Science Team
Advisors: Nancy Donahue and Christopher Koutros
The Science Team is open to all students and competes in the Southeastern Massachusetts League as well as the State Science Olympiad. Students prepare for events in areas such as Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. There is one competition per month from October through February. There is a state competition on a Saturday in March. Meetings held in room 318 to prepare for the events occur monthly and are included in the announcements.

Show Choir Pit Band
Advisor: Chris Bechtel
The Show Choir Pit Band is the instrumental ensemble that provides the band accompaniment for the Show Choir. Rehearsals are held once per week, with students also making a commitment to participate in weekend festivals and performances. Pit Band members have the opportunity to perform jazz and popular repertoire in a small group setting with work on improvisation. Students learn techniques and styles of show and jazz literature. The Combo consists of the following instruments: piano, synthesizer, drums, auxiliary percussion, bass guitar, lead guitar, trumpets (2), trombones (2) saxophones (alto, tenor, baritone) Students are selected by audition in the spring of each year.

Sign Language Club
Advisor: Elizabeth Starr
The Sign Language Club was founded in 2013, by two students that wanted to make a difference and help others have the opportunity to learn to sign. One of the founders was hearing impaired himself, so he was especially interested in sharing, as well as educating. The club meets once a week in room 222, right after school. The mission of "OASL" is to provide an opportunity for students to learn the basics of sign language (ASL-American Sign Language form) and to gain insight into the deaf culture. Recently, it has become a tradition that the OASL club president and upcoming president, sign the National Anthem at OA graduation. OASL welcomes ALL who are interested and there are no requirements to know any sign language to be a member of this club. Come and join the fun! We are here to learn together!

Snowboard/Ski Club
Advisor: Christopher Koutros
The Ski & Snowboard Club is the home for students who are interested in snow sports on a recreational level. The club welcomes students who are new to snowboarding and skiing and want to try it. Trips to local mountains give students the opportunity to practice skills, enjoy time with friends, and demonstrate responsible skiing and riding. This is not the Ski Team, which is a sports team that competes in ski races .

Spanish Club
Advisors: Maria Palma and Meghan Sharkey
The Spanish Club was organized for the study and enjoyment of Spanish and Latin American cultures both in the U.S. and abroad. Common club events include meetings with Spanish exchange students, cooking and dance classes, Spanish movies, and celebrations of holidays in Spanish-speaking countries.

Student Council
Advisors: Courtney Kenney & Kristin Marani
Meets one day a month either after school or in the evening. Oliver Ames Student Council provides support and assistance to all other clubs and organizations in the school. Student Council is a group organized of eight elected representatives from each class in addition to a group of honorary members. The full council elects officers to serve as the executive board. Aside from raising money for charities, Student Council runs many school events throughout the year including the Homecoming Dance, Spirit Week, Talent 4 A Cause, Alumni Breakfast, Homecoming Pep Rally, Student Activities Fair, Freshmen Orientation, Teacher Appreciation Week, Student Council Awards Night, the Senior Send Off and various other school related and fundraising activities.

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)
Advisor: Kerri Murphy
Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.) members have adopted a stance against poor decisions, such as driving under the influence of harmful substances, texting and driving, bullying, domestic violence and using drugs. S.A.D.D. usually meets once a month, and runs campaigns to inform their peers of the dangers of destructive decisions.

Tech Crew Club
Advisor: Mike Cardoza
The OA Tech Club meets after school and on some weekends to learn the mechanics of sound and lighting in the OA Auditorium. Students interested in the backstage mechanics of production learn about how to work microphones, lighting equipment and stage equipment. Most meetings are held after school , at night, or on the weekend. Students also serve as property and technical assistants on various productions.

The Daily Olivian
Advisors: Paul Flaherty and Rodney Schussler
The Daily Olivian is the OA student-run news website. Students generate, edit, design, and illustrate all the content. The site publishes sports, arts, news, and feature stories, as well as student photographs and artwork. Positions are available for students interested in writing, photography, graphic design, editing, website design, marketing, and coding. Staff members work with student editors to generate content and update the site daily.

Tri-M Music Honor Society
Advisor: Charlene Dalrymple
The Tri-M Music Honor Society is the international Music Honor Society for high school students. It is a service organization designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities, and to inspire other students to excel at music and leadership. Tri-M students are chosen for their dedication to music learning and desire to share their skills with others. Music students interested in applying for membership to Tri-M apply in September in order to be considered. The Tri-M Member Induction then takes place in October.

Ultimate Frisbee
Advisor: Bryan Hafferty
Ultimate Frisbee is a competitive team sport that combines the non-stop movement and endurance of soccer with the aerial passing skill of football. The rules of the game are enforced by the players, and are based on The Spirit of the Game. Practices will be held 2-3 times per week and there will be several games/tournaments against other schools throughout the season. If you are looking for a fun, competitive sport without the "win at all costs" mentality of some traditional sports, then Ultimate is or you!