Oliver Ames High School
Alma Mater and Victory Songs
Oliver Ames Victory Song

We'll uphold the name of names
We'll never let it down
We shall make our Oliver Ames
The pride of all our town
And whatever fate may bring
We won't be seen to quail
Such a challenge we shall bring
That courage shall not fail.

Hurrah, hurrah, for Oliver Ames
We'll meet each task with banners high
Whate'ver our goal in work or games,
For victory we'll always vie.

Hurrah hurrah for Oliver Ames
With zest we'll do each deed
With such spirit in our veins
How can we but succeed?
Alma Mater

Oh, Oliver Ames, to you always
We'll bring devotion firm and true,
And this we promise you today
We'll honor you in all we do.

From loyal hearts we bring forth cheers
And raise our praises to the sky.
We'll honor you throughout the years,
To you dear O. A. High.