Center School
School Council

About Our School Council

In accordance with the Educational Reform Act of 1993, Center School has an established school council. The Center School Council consists of parents, teachers, a community member, and the principal. The Center School Council sets yearly goals for the school, identifies needs of the students attending the school, reviews the annual budget, and formulates the school improvement plan. Working with the principal, members of the council ensure that the focus of the annual school improvement plan reflects the vision of both the Easton Public Schools and the Center School and that it is in alignment with the Easton Public Schools Strategic Planning Goals.

Our Goals

Center School Council worked in collaboration with the Moreau Hall and Parkview School Councils to develop a shared School Improvement Plan for the early elementary schools of Easton.  Our 3 schools will continue to work together to ensure every PK–2 student in the Easton Public Schools enjoys a consistent, calibrated educational experience.

The following are the 2017-2018 Center School goals as stated in our School Improvement Plan 

GOAL 1:  Through the shared theme "Just Imagine..." students, staff and families will have more opportunities to be creative inside and outside of the classroom.  There will be a concerted effort to encourage students and staff to take healthy risks and climb into higher levels of thinking by extending beyond comprehension/understanding/application into new ideas and innovation.  This will be accomplished through ongoing collaboration among PTAs/PACs and School Councils, including shared enrichment programming.

GOAL 2:  During the 2017-2018 school year, the PreK-2 schools will continue to work collaboratively to ensure calibration of the educational experience across the three schools.  We will develop guidelines for consistent homework policy.  We will host at least 3 parent information nights and 2 combined PAC/PTA meetings.  The principals will distribute 3 newsletters.

GOAL 3: All K-2 classroom teachers, learning specialists and paraprofessionals will implement a new math instructional program, vettted through the work of the PK-12 Math Committee that includes representatives from all grade levels, special education and central and building administrators.  This instructional program will provide common, research-based resources to allow PK-5 teachers and curriculum leaders to complete Stage 3 of 3 of all math curriculum units. This program will also provide the district with common math assessments to monitor and measure student progress in math from PK-5.


Please, let us know how we are doing!

We value your input on all facets of life at Center School and invite you to share information about Center School’s strengths and to suggest ways in which we can improve.  

Center School Council Meetings are held the first Thursday of each month.

Council Members:
Ann Weintrob, principal, co- chair
Karen Lund, teacher, co-chair
Robin Goldstein, teacher
Jessica Zimmerman, parent
Open position, parent
Janet Brown, community representative