Parkview Faculty Directory


This is a complete list of all the employees that we entrust with the care and education of your children.

Parkview’s Faculty for 2014-2015

Office Team

Christopher Getchell (Principal)   Main Office     email:

Sandy Bourne (Secretary)               Main Office      email:

Jennifer Duvall (Clerical Aide)      Main Office      email:

Doreen Graff, R.N.  (Nurse)         Main Office       email:

Preschool Team (see EPS Preschool Website Linked to Home Page)

Erica Sade, Preschool Coordinator/ Lead Teacher              Room 5               


Donna Donovan, Lead Preschool Teacher                        Room 15             


Lindsay Dixon, Lead Preschool Teacher                                 Room 3                                              


Kindergarten Team

Darleen Hanegan, Full Day       Room 1              email:

Samantha Izzo, Full Day            Room 8            email:

Melissa Cordeira, Full Day         Room 2            email:

Sheila Dever-David, Full Day    Room 7             email:

Mary Reese,  Half Day               Room 4             email:

Heather Willis, K Paraprofessional                      email:

Ellen Long, K Paraprofessional                             email:

Janice Cardoza, K Paraprofessional                      email:

First Grade Team

Dinelle Eaton                              Room 19              email:

Samantha Hill                            Room 12                email:

Colleen Wright                         Room 10               email:

Barbara Wallace                        Room 14                email:

Lisa Resca                                  Room 18                email:

Second Grade Team

Vivian Capobianco                    Room 11                 email:

Patty Feeney                             Room 17                email:

Donna Siegel                              Room 9                   email:

Katherine Ventre                      Room 20                  email:

Stacey Wiese                              Room 21                 email:

Building Substitute

Melissa Parker

Reading Specialist (K-2)

Louise Zamiara (Reading)           Hallway Office     email:

Special Education Team

Dr. Teresa Davenport (School Psyc and Team Chair)


Learning Specialists/ Inclusion Teachers:

Nancy Kamieniecki (Acad.)     Room 13 


Susan Sall (Acad.)                       Room 13 


Kerrin Walker (Acad.)              Room 13    


Julie Martus, PINC Lead Teacher                                    Room Across From Office


Ruth Bluestone (Speech/Language Pathologist, K-2)         Room Across From Office             


Jill Petruchik (Speech/Language Pathologist, Preschool)   Room Across From Office


Kari Lawson (Physical Therapist)                                               Hallway Office


Jessica Hirschy (Occupational Therapist, K-2)                         Hallway Office  


Kristen Lane (Occupational Therapist, Preschool)                    Front Hallway Office

K-2 Paraprofessionals

Cathi Droukas            email:

Carol Hawes                  email:

Janet McCarthy            email:

Raffaella Sarnecki         email:

Cathy Hedlund             email:

Gina Ventresco             email:

Kathy Wertz                 email:


Gerri Kane (Lib.)                        Library                   email:

Betty Minuskin (Art)                 Cafeteria                 email: 

Deb Balcarek (Art)                    Cafeteria                 email:

Brian Sandberg (Music)              Stage                      email:

Victoria Hunt (PE)                     Gym                      email:

Custodial Team

Steve Dalton (Night)

Dennis Doyle (Day)

Cafeteria Team

Linda Giroir, Lead in Kitchen        email:

Norma Page

Playground Supervision Team

Joyce Cummings

Tina Legare

Jen Whitson