Parkview Faculty Directory


This is a complete list of all the employees that we entrust with the care and education of your children.

Faculty Directory (printer friendly):

PKV Faculty Directory 2014-2015.pdf

Parkview’s Faculty for 2014-2015

Note: To email any of the faculty members below, use the first initial followed by last name (no spaces) followed by  For example, to email the principal, Chris Getchell the email would be

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Office Team

Christopher Getchell (Principal)  Main Office    

Sandy Bourne (Secretary)              Main Office     

Melissa Parker (Clerical Aide)       Main Office  

Doreen Graff, R.N.  (Nurse)         Main Office      

Preschool Team (see EPS Preschool Website Linked to Home Page)

Erica Sade, Preschool Coordinator/ Lead Teacher           Room 5     

Stacey Kenney, Preschool Paraprofessional

Katherine Donahue, Preschool Paraprofessional        

Donna Donovan, Lead Preschool Teacher                        Room 15   

Kathy Conley, Preschool Paraprofessional     

Tami Annand, Preschool Paraprofessional         

Lindsay Dixon, Lead Preschool Teacher                       Room 3   

Kara Poulos, Preschool Paraprofessional

Marissa Keach, Preschool Paraprofessional 


Kindergarten Team

Darleen Hanegan, Full Day               Room 1            

Samantha Izzo, Full Day                 Room 8         

Melissa Cordeira, Full Day                Room 2       

Sheila Dever-David, Full Day             Room 7           

Mary Reese,  Half Day                    Room 4       

Heather Willis, K Paraprofessional                  

Ellen Long, K Paraprofessional                         

Janice Cardoza, K Paraprofessional                   

First Grade Team

Dinelle Eaton, Looping                   Room 19              

Samantha Hill                            Room 12           

Colleen Wright                           Room 10              

Barbara Wallace                         Room 14              

Lisa Resca                                 Room 18               

Second Grade Team

Vivian Capobianco                    Room 11              

Patty Feeney, Looping               Room 17               

Donna Siegel                          Room 9                

Katherine Ventre                    Room 20       

Stacey Wiese                         Room 21           

Building Substitute

Kaitlyn Welch

Reading Specialist (K-2)

Louise Zamiara (Reading)           Hallway Office

Special Education Team

Dr. Teresa Davenport (School Psychologist and Team Chair)

Learning Specialists/ Inclusion Teachers:

Nancy Kamieniecki (Acad.)     Room 13 

Susan Sall (Acad.)                       Room 13 

Kerrin Walker (Acad.)              Room 13    

Julie Bartus, Partial Inclusion, Lead Teacher                Room 6

Ruth Bluestone (Speech/Language Pathologist, K-2)    Library Office             

Jill Petruchik (Speech/Language Pathologist, Preschool)   Hallway Office

Kari Lawson (Physical Therapist)                                         Hallway Office

Beth Hoitt (Occupational Therapist, K-2)                         Hallway Office  

Kristen Lane (Occupational Therapist, Preschool)           Hallway Office

K-2 Paraprofessionals

Cathi Droukas           

Carol Hawes               

Janet McCarthy          

Raffaella Sarnecki                         

Cathy Hedlund           

Gina Ventresco           

Susan Zielke              


Andrew White, Physical Education               

Gerri Kane, Library                   

Betty Minuskin, Art               

Deb Balcarek, Art              

Brian Sandberg, Music                

Custodial Team

Steve Dalton (Night)

Dennis Doyle (Day)

Cafeteria Team

Linda Giroir, Lead in Kitchen      

Norma Page

Playground Supervision Team

Joyce Cummings

Tina Legare

Monique Monteiro

Lindsay Franzoni

Jen Whitson