Easton Public Schools

Recognizing that each child is unique, the Easton Public Schools strives: to provide a coordinated and integrated instructional program; to nurture intellectual and academic capabilities; to promote physical development; to stimulate creativity and aesthetic awareness; to encourage participatory learning; to foster an understanding that learning is a lifelong process; and, to develop positive attitudes which can lead to being a responsible member of a global society. Utilizing a variety of instructional approaches, each individual is encouraged to maximize his or her potential and thus develop a positive sense of his or her own self worth.

Recognizing the changing structure of family and society, the Easton Public Schools accepts its responsibility to create a safe, nurturing educational environment. The school system views community support and involvement as an integral component of the educational process.


Easton Public Schools Philosophy Statement

Easton Public Schools

50 Oliver Street

North Easton, MA  02356

Phone (508) 230-3200

Fax (508) 238-3563

Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Andrew W. Keough



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Support the DJ Dream  4th Annual Signature Gala October 25th for scholarships in memory of an Easton student.

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